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Promote It!
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Promote It!
Have you created a community but wish it had more members? Or are you a member of a community but wish there were more people to give feedback or opinions? Do you know about a really good community and want to spread the word about it? Or maybe you've got a really amazing idea for a community, but don't know how to go about setting it up, or maybe you want someone else to run it for you? If any of this sounds familiar then it's pretty likely you're in the right place!

Promote It? How?
First up you need to join this community, and then on your update journal page, you can choose to post your entry to this community. Simply include the name of the community in the post, as well as a little bit about what the community is for or about. If people have any questions they may comment on the entry, alternatively, they are free to join the community straight away.

Looking for Something?
If you're looking for a specific community, then see if anyone posted anything which takes your fancy. Or maybe post an entry asking the other members if they know of a community like the one you're looking for. Alternatively, create your own, and then post it here to gain members!

Owned & Moderated by karohi. Any problems? Contact me at hinezibeth@gmail.com, or alternatively, leave me a comment on my personal journal.
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